Subcellular metal partitioning platform

Subcellular metal partitionning platform

We are equipped for the optimization and assessment of subcellular partitioning protocols designed for different tissues and animals. We also have the capacity to assess different homogenization techniques and then to perform the cellular fractionation in our laboratory. Rooms SB-1435-SB-1440 (UQAM). Grants: FCI, UQAM start up, FRQNT

Equipment for metal exposure of aquatic animals

Exposure set

We recently acquired equipment for the metal exposure of aquatic animals (TECNIPLAST S.p.A.) and we are installing a platform for the contaminant exposure of benthic organisms. Room: Animalerie-UQAM, Section: Aquatic animals. Grants: FRQNT, FCI

Trace element analysis by ICPMS-QQQ

With the recent acquisition of an ICPMS-QQQ (Agilent 8900), our laboratory is also able to measure trace metals in environmental samples. This equipment is located in the laboratory of the Institute des Sciences de l’Environment (ISE) at UQAM where we are involved in the trace metals analysis section. Grant: FCI

Hyphenated techniques

With the acquisition of the ICPMS-QQQ and working in collaboration with the platform of Mass Spectrometry, our UltiMate 3000 RSLCnano System (Thermo Scientific) will be used to development various analytical strategies (SEC-ICPMS-QQQ; HPLC-ICPMS-QQQ, LC-QqTOF-MS/MS) for biochemical characterization of metal-protein complexes as subcellular biomarkers of metal toxicity. Room: SB-1435-SB-1440 (UQAM). Grant: FCI